What are the advantages of hiring an Accountant for Landlords?


If you manage rentals in the UK, hiring an accountant for the landlord is a great asset. These accountants specialize in offering landlord accounting and tax services to landlords. They assist them in controlling their finances and tax burdens effectively.

Alternatives to Limited Companies and Sole Proprietorships

If a landlord is a sole proprietor with just a few buy-to-let properties, or a limited company with a lot of different properties, accountants for landlords provide a variety of services that are suitable to all landlords. Whatever number of properties you have, the hiring of a knowledgeable accountant for your landlord could make your life easier and save you money.

The primary thing that an accountant can do in develop a working structure that is best suited to your requirements and also the arrangement that you are comfortable with.

Assistance is available immediately

Employing a landlord accountant can assist you in acquiring the information you require to be successful in your real estate market and allow you to move forward without a doubt. With the number of highly-rated Whiteley’s accountants on the UK market, you have a variety of options.

When You Need Assistance

One of the most beneficial benefits of working with an accountant is the ability to provide on-demand support. A majority of accountants provide 24/7, no-cost telephone and email support. Be sure to be aware of their working hours.

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Establishing a Specific Purpose Vehicle (SPV)

The idea of forming an SPV, a special-purpose vehicle, which is a company specifically created for directors to run a buy-to-let business is becoming more popular. An SPV can offer many advantages, including:

  • Other Mortgage Options

 Those who lend off buy-to-let mortgages typically prefer corporate companies because they are easier to comprehend and offer better underwriting.

  • Tax-Efficiency

 In the UK the most tax-efficient way to be a landlord is to be a director in an SPV. This is because limited businesses that have higher profits than sole proprietorships are subject to corporate tax instead of capital gains tax.

  • Greater Control:

 If you are the owner of an SPV or not, you will enjoy greater financial freedom and can decide when you want to take money out. Based on the specific circumstances of your situation, this may reduce your tax burden.

  • More Capital: 

If an SPV is utilized the retained profits are not tax deductible, giving you more cash to put back into potential buy-to-let properties.

  • Limited Liability

If your company operates as an SPV, it will be less liable and better protected from the possibility of financial risk.

You can feel comfortable managing your property if you employ a licensed landlord accountant who can design and operate an SPV. A professional accountant for landlord accounting will ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible with taxation as well as reducing administrative burdens as well as increasing the value of your property and profits.

In light of changes to Making Digital Tax legislation, landlords will be subjected to greater obligations.

Landlords with a salary of more than £10,000 per annum must adhere to rules governing the Making Tax Digital (MTD) regulations that will take effect in April 2024.

The new legislation requires you to submit quarterly reports of your earnings and expenses via your HMRC electronic tax record which processes tax information in real-time.

You are required to sign a declaration that confirms the accuracy of your quarterly reports, rather than making self-evaluations. Taxes must be paid before Jan. 31st in the year following.

Do not be concerned if the thought of additional MTD commitments makes you feel uncomfortable. The first thing to remember is that you’re not the only one as this could affect many landlords across the UK. The official site for the UK government can serve as a good source.

The third reason is that hiring an accountant for landlords will reduce your workload and they’ll be more than happy to give you assistance that you require. Landlord accounting services could help you with the MTD setup, quarterly filings, self-assessment, as well as other issues (if you have another source of revenue).

Support for Ongoing Legislative as well as Tax Laws Adjustments

Stamp duty tax, capital gains tax income tax, and national insurance premiums are but some of the taxes and regulations landlords might be required to comply with. A dependable and experienced accountant will make sure you pay the proper taxes and adhere to the applicable laws.

Law changes can be frustrating and hard to grasp. They are an essential aspect of taxation in the UK However, it’s highly unlikely that they will be a thing of the past soon. Being aware of the latest laws and regulations is essential for competent accountants. They can provide their clients with accurate and up-to-date information consequently. Choosing an accountant who has a good reputation puts you in the ideal position.


The appointment of a landlord accountant in the UK is a great benefit for landlords. They can reduce time and expense and ensure that all financial and tax-related issues are dealt with promptly. Landlord Accounting services also offer landlords advice, guidance, and support with any tax or legal issue that arises. This is a huge benefit for landlords, particularly newcomers to the field. With the assistance of a specialist accountant for landlords and accountant, landlords can feel confident that their finances are in the good hands of a professional.


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