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Write for us Technology, Digital Marketing & Business

Write for us Technology, Digital Marketing & Business

BusinessTED is a daily destination for startup founders, technology enthusiasts, investors, and early adopters looking for exclusive content—the newest technology startup news, emerging technology news, and innovation—that fuels their interests and inquisitiveness. We would like to invite all writers and bloggers to Write for us Technology.

We are interested in offering high-quality technology and digital marketing information. Our readers are committed to staying current on the latest trends, techniques, strategies, and tools in each of these fields. You may interact with a large audience and share your ideas and experiences with our community.

We are open to writing on a variety of topics related to technology and marketing. We’d love to hear from you if you’re an expert in AI, web development, software development, SEO, cyber security, PPC, social media, or anything else.

We’re more interested in stories that provide unique perspectives or practical advice that readers can apply to their businesses or projects.

Please contact us directly at admin@businessted.com if you have any requests for sponsored content or product/app reviews.

What exactly do we look for in our posts?

You have to come up with practical, well-researched blog posts to Write for us Technology. Topics include artificial intelligence (AI), application development, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, IT infrastructure, IT security, and cyber security.

We Accept These Categories

Guest Post Submission Guidelines to Write for Us:

  • Please follow these criteria if you want to contribute an article as a guest to BusinessTED.COM.
  • Articles should be unique and have not been published anywhere. We do not accept articles from other blogs or websites.
  • We will review your articles for plagiarism on Copyscape and reject those determined to be copied, duplicated, or spun material.
  • The articles must be at least 1000 words long and well researched. We prefer quality over quantity, so make sure your post is useful to our visitors.
  • To accompany your story, please attach at least one high-quality image to your post. Images should be related to the text and properly attributed.
  • Articles should be written in a clear, straightforward style, using good language and spelling. The right to modify articles for clarity and style is reserved.
  • To submit a guest post, please send us an email with the subject “Guest Post Submission.” Please submit your story in the form of a Google Doc or Word document, along with any relevant images.
  • We assess digital marketing and technology guest post entries on a rolling basis and will react within one week of receiving them. Please keep in mind that we have the right to reject any contribution that doesn’t comply with our rules or editorial standards.

Which guest posts are not accepted?

  • At BusinessTED, we strive to give our readers high-quality, educational, and interesting information. We want to make sure that all guest posts adhere to our editorial standards and provide value to our readers.
  • As a result, we retain the right to reject any guest post submission that does not adhere to our rules or editorial standards. The following categories of guest posts will not be accepted:
  • Blog post that is plagiarized or duplicated: We only accept original blog posts that have not been published elsewhere. Guest articles with copied or plagiarized material will not be allowed.
  • Promotional Content: We do not accept guest posts that are only about technology and digital marketing. The purpose of guest posts is to provide our readers with helpful information and advice, not to sell any products or services.
  • Inappropriate or offensive information: We will not accept guest posts that include inappropriate or offensive imagery, language, or other information.
  • Irrelevant Content: We only accept guest posts that are relevant to our target audience and fall within our area of expertise in digital marketing and technology. Guest postings about unrelated subjects are not permitted.
  • Low-Quality Content: All guest posts must be well-written, interesting, and instructive. We will not accept anything that is badly written, devoid of substance, or ineffective.
  • BusinessTED won’t take into account guest posts that are duplicates, inappropriate, offensive, or of low quality. We actively welcome guest posts that correspond to our editorial standards and bring value to our readers.

Contact us directly at admin@businessted.com to contribute guest posts about technology and digital marketing if you are interested in advertising on our site or have any concerns about our advertising options.

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